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My New Age into Enlightenment: Right this moment I shall just be the Best I Can Be

There’s certainly never been such a widespread evolution of eagerness for high minded thoughts in the country. All we’ve got to do is request it. Many of us wish to be focused and see what without a doubt we’d like from our life so we will envision our goals and obtain them. As a society […]


A New Age for Enlightenment: Right now I can become the Best I Can Be

  There’s unlikely been such an open evolution of eagerness for high minded thinking within our country. All we now have to do is look for it. All of us desire to be centered and imagine what it really is we would like from life so we are able to visualize our goals and accomplish […]


Spiritual Enlightenment – take steps or leap right now? (1 of 5)

99 Days 99 Channels – Video 65 Are there steps to spiritual enlightenment? If so, why? Why can’t we just wish for enlightenment and it immediately happens? We ask these questions of the Higher Self in this channeling session. Experience deep spiritual wisdom as you learn how to manifest experiences and what is delaying the […]